We Become We - Journey To Bethlehem chords

Key: C Singer/Band: Journey To Bethlehem

Can [C]we become we [G]no longer known as just [F]you and me
Two [Am]separate [F]lives now in [G]unity [F]stuck here to [C]gether but
[D7]Will this always be just an ar [G7]rangement
Can [C]we become more than [G]half of a union we’re [F]chosen for?
Where [Am]I am your [F]best half And [G]I am yours [F]stuck here for [C]ever
And [D7]hopefully not [F6]ending in estrangement
It’s the [F]step of faith we [E7]have to take some [Am]times
If I’m, [G]with you, [C]I can take it
But if [F]we are one What [E7]happens to you and [Am]I
If I’m, [G]with you, [C]I will make it
[A7]Will this always be just an ar [C]rangement
[G]We’ll find out in time if we don’t [D]break it [A7]
Can [D]mine become yours Comb [A]ining our dreams Without [G]keeping score
[Bm]Always tog [G]ether, but [A]never bored No [G]choice in the [D]matter but
This [E7]will never work without each [A7]other
Can we [D]become we [A]Start a new line On this [G]family tree
[Bm]Two hearts co [G]nnected by [A]one beat [G]Your hand in [D]mine and
[E7]I could never choose to love a [A7]nother
[E7]Maybe one day I can learn to [A7]love you, [D]too
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