The Nativity Song - Journey To Bethlehem chords

Key: G Singer/Band: Journey To Bethlehem

Capo 1
[G]Silent night, holy night [D7]All is calm, [C]all is [G]bright
[C]Round yon Virgin [G]Mother and Child [C]Holy Infant so [G]tender and mild
[Am]Jesus, [D]Lord at thy [G]birth [G]Jesus, [D]Lord at thy [G]birth
[Em]Fall on your [Bm]knees (fall on your knees) Oh, [Am]hear the angel
[D]Oh, [C]night di [G]vine [Em]...Oh, [D]night! When Christ was [G]born
[D]Oh, [C]night di [G]vine [Em]...Oh, [D]night! When Christ was [Em]born
[Em]Now I understand the words You [Am]told me
I’m [D]holding all the answers in my [Em]arms
[Em]Looking down upon this brand new [Am]life, I see
Im [F#m7b5]manuel, our [B7]Savior and [Em]King
[F#m]Fall on your [C#m]knees Oh, [Bm]hear the angel [F#m]voices
[F#m]Fall on your [C#m]knees Oh, [Bm]hear the angel [F#m]voices
[F#m]Thine is the [D]kingdom [Bm]Thine is the [C#7]power
[F#m]Thine is the [D]glory For [Bm]e [C#7]ver [F#m]more
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