Papa - Paul Anka chords

Singer/Band: Paul Anka

Tone [Dm] Capo 1st fret
[Dm]Everyday my papa would work
[Gm]To try to make ends meet
[A7]To see that we would eat
Keep those [Dm]shoes upon my feet
[Dm]Every night my papa would take me
[Gm]And tuck me in my bed
[A7]Kiss me on my head
After [Dm]all my prayers were said
[A#]And there were [C]years
Of [A7]sadness and of [Dm]tears
[A#]Through it all
To [C]gether we were [F]strong
We were [A7]strong
[A#]Times were [C]rough
But [A7]Papa he was [Dm]tough
[A#]Mama stood be [Gm]side him all a [A7]long
[Dm]Growing up with them was easy
[Gm]The time had flew on by
The [A7]years began to fly
They [Dm]aged and so did I
[A#]And I could [C]tell
That [A7]mama she wasn't [Dm]well
[A#]Papa knew and [C]deep down so did [F]she
So did [A7]she
[A#]When she [C]died
[A7]Papa broke down and he [Dm]cried
And [A#]all he could say
was, [Gm]"God, why her? Take [A7]me!"
[Dm]Everyday he sat there
sleeping [Gm]in a rocking chair
[A7]He never went upstais
[Dm]Because she wasn't there
[Dm]Then one day my Papa said,
"Son, I'm [Gm]proud of how you've grown"
[A7]He said, "Go out and make it on your own.
Don't [Dm]worry. I'm O.K. alone."
He said, [Dm]"There are things that you must do"
He said, [Gm]"There's places you must see"
And his [A7]eyes were sad as he
As he [Dm]said goodbye to me
[Dm]Every time I kiss my children
[Gm]Papa's words ring true
He said, [A7]"Children live through you.
Let them [Dm]grow! They'll leave you, too"
[Dm]I remember every word [Gm]Papa used to say
I [A7]kiss my kids and pray
That they'll [Dm]think of [A#]me [C]
That [Dm]way [Gm] [Dm]
Someday [A#] [C] [Dm]
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