Times Of Your Life - Paul Anka chords

Singer/Band: Paul Anka

Good [G]morning, [C]yester[G]day [C]
You [G]wake up [C]and time has [G]slipped away [C]
And [Am]suddenly it's [G]hard to find
The [C]memories you [D]left behind
[Em]Remember, [A7]do you [D7]remember?
The [G]laughter [C]and the [G]tears [C]
The [G]shadows [C]of misty [G]yesteryears [C]
The [Am]good times and the [G]bad you've seen
And [C]all the others [D]in between
Re [Em]member, [A7]do you re [D7]member?
The times of your [G]life? (do you remember?)
Reach [Dm]out for the [G]joy and the [C]sorrow [F]
[Bm]Put them a [E7]way in your [A]mind [D]
The [Am]memories are [D]time that you [G]borrow [C]
To [Gm]spend when you [G#m]get to to [Am]morrow [D]
Here [G]comes the [C]saddest [G]part (comes the [C]saddest part)
The [G]seasons [C]are passing [G]one by one [C]
So [Am]gather moments [G]while you may
Col [C]lect the dreams you [D]dream today
Re [Em]member, [A7]do you re [D7]member?
The times of your [G]life?
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