Puppy Love - Paul Anka chords

Singer/Band: Paul Anka

1. [G] And they called it puppy [Am] love
[D7] Oh, I guess they'll never [G] know
[Bm] How a [Em] young heart really [Am] feels
[D7] And why I love her [G] so
2. [G] And they called it puppy [Am] love
[D7] Just because we're seven-[G] teen
[Bm] Tell them [Em] all it isn't [Am] fair
[D7] To take away my only [G] dream
Chorus: I [C] cry each night my [Cm] tears for you
My [G] tears are [D7] all in [G] vain
I'll [C] hope and I'll pray that [Bm] maybe some-[E7] day
You'll be [A7] back in my arms once a-[D7] gain.
3. [G] Someone, help me, help me, help me [Am] please
[D7] Is the answer up a-[G] bove
[Bm] How can [Em] I, how can I [Am] tell them
[D7] This is not a puppy [G] love
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