Somewhere my love - Andy Williams chords

Singer/Band: Andy Williams

Capo on 1st fret
1. [G] Some-[D7] where, my [G] love, there will be [G7] songs to [D7] sing
[Am] Although the [D7] snow [Am] covers the [D7] hopes of [G] Spring
[G] Some-[D7] here a [G] hill blossoms in [G7] green and [D7] gold
[Am] And there are [D7] dreams, [Am] all that your [D7] heart can [G] hold
Chorus: Some-[C] day [Am] we'll meet a-[C] gain, my [G] love
[Bb] Someday whenever the [F] spring [Bb] breaks [D7] through.
2. [G] You'll [D7] come to [G] me out of the [G7] long [D7] ago
[Am] Warm as the [D7] wind, [Am] soft as the [D7] kiss of [G] snow
[G] Till [D7] then, my [G] sweet, think of me [G7] now and [D7] then
[Am] Godspeed, my [D7] love, [Am] till you are [D7] mine a-[G] gain
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