Speak Softly Love - Andy Williams chords

Singer/Band: Andy Williams

Capo on 3rd fret
1. Speak softly [Am] love and hold me [Dm] warm against your [Am] heart
I feel your words the tender trembling moment [Dm] start
We're in a [G] world, our very [Am] own
Sharing a [F] love that only [E7] few have ever [Am] known
Chorus: Wine colored [G] days warmed by the [C] sun
Deep velvet [Dm] nights when we are [E7] one
2. Speak softly [Am] love so no one [Dm] hears us but the [Am] sky
The vows of love we make we'll live until we [Dm] die
My life is [G] yours,and all be- [Am] cause
You came in- [F] to my world with [E7] love so softly [Am] love
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