I Believe - Elvis Presley chords

Singer/Band: Elvis Presley

[C]I believe for [Am]every drop of [Dm]rain that falls, [G7] a [G]flower
I [C]believe that [Am]somewhere in the darkest [F]night, [G7] a c[G]andle
I b[C]elieve for ev[Em]eryone who goes a[F]stray,[Dm] someone will c[E]ome,
To show the [Am]way; [F]I believe, [G7]I believe.
[C]I believe [Am]above a storm the [Dm]smallest prayer, [G7] can s[G]till be
I [C]believe that [Am]someone in the [F]great somewhere, [G7] hears e[G]very
[C]Every time I [Em]hear a new born [F]baby cry, [Dm] or touch a [E]leaf or
[E7]see the [Am]sky,
Then [F]I know [Dm]why, [G7] I be[C]lieve, be[F]lieve, I, I, I be[G]lieve.
[C]Every time I [Am]hear a new born [F]baby cry, [Dm] or touch a [E]leaf,
[E7]or see the [Am]sky,
Then [F]I know [Dm]why, [G7] I bel.[C]i..[G]i...i[C]eve. [F] [G] [C]
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