You Are My Destiny - Paul Anka chords

Singer/Band: Paul Anka

Capo 3
You are my [Em]destiny that's what you [Am]are to me
You are my happiness. [B7]...That's what you [Em]are
You have my [Em]sweet caress. You share my [Am]loneliness
You are my dream come true. [B7]...That's what you [Em]are
[B7]Heaven and [Em]heaven alone can [B7]take your love from [Em]me
'Cause [Am]I'd be a fool to leave you, [Em]dear
And a [F#m7b5]fool I'd never [B7]be
You are my [Em]destiny. You share my [Am]reverie
You're more than life to me. [B7]...That's what you [Em]are
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